Mozilla Russia's «Bug Bounty» program Russian

«Bug Bounty» program, launched by Mozilla Russia project, tries to encourage developers to resolve some long-standing bugs, affecting Russian-language users of Mozilla products.

Resolving certain bug reports, listed in Mozilla Russia's buglist in the way described below, will be awarded certain amounts of money. Manner of payment will be agreed with payee.

The full amount of bounty will be awarded if a developer implements the solution to the bug report, described in Mozilla Russia's buglist, gets positive review/superreview/approval and drives the code into the main codebase in the Mozilla's repository under the MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license standard for the code. If multiple developers take part in the solution to the bug report or the solution to the bug report is incomplete, it's up to Mozilla Russia to decide who will get which amounts.

While Mozilla Russia has intention to stick to rules of this Bug Bounty Program as stated above, Mozilla Russia's «Bug Bounty» program can (theoretically) be terminated at any time without further notice.

Mozilla Foundation employees, Mozilla Corporation employees, the creators and reviewers of the code in which the bug was found are not eligible to receive a bug bounty reward.


Any organization or private person can join to Mozilla Russia's «Bug Bounty» program and add additional amount of money to existing bounty or propose new bounty. Information, indicating bounty's sponsor and bug number, will be added to Mozilla Russia's buglist on this page.

Mozilla Russia doesn't hold any responsibility for payment of sponsor's bounty.

Mozilla Russia's buglist

6. Bug 297395 - ftp : cannot open a folder with Cyrillic letters in its name on an IIS server
You can't open a folder with Cyrillic letters in its name on an IIS server
Mozilla Russia US$300
Total US$300
5. Bug 223636 – automatic login for HTTP/proxy authentication
If your proxy requires authentification, every time you start up Firefox, the proxy username/password window pops up
Mozilla Russia US$300
Total US$300
4. Bug 41489 – HTTP authentication does not support non-ISO-8859-1 characters
With authorization on sites using HTTP authentication, you can't use login and password that contains Cyrillic characters.
Mozilla Russia US$300
Total US$300
3. Bug 409796 – No pictures shown in saved file (file name and folder name, containing that file, is in cyrillic)
If file name or folder name, containing saved file, is Cyrillic - pictures on the page are not shown
Mozilla Russia US$400
Total US$400
Bug fixed by Evgeniy Ivanov on 23 february 2008
2. Bug 90584 – charset=... must be applied to non-MIME Subject:/From:/To:/etc. fields
Cyrillic text is displayed wrong in the mail's subject, if it doesn't specify encoding and encoding of mail body is different
Mozilla Russia US$450
User donations US$20
Total US$470
Bug fixed by Alex Strelnikov on 5 february 2008
1. Bug 69230 – Accelerators should not be affected by keyboard group/level
Very old bug (> 6.5 years old) - accelerators don't work, if user selects Russian keyboard layout.
Mozilla Russia US$500
Total US$500
Bug fixed by Oleg Krylov on 23 november 2007


If you have any questions, regarding Mozilla Russia's «Bug Bounty» program, please contact us by e-mail

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